For Family and Friends

Many of you are at a loss because a friend or family member has been incarcerated. We offer prayers and will do our best to visit with your loved one if he/she is incarcerated in the Johnson County Detention system. We are limited when it comes to “one-on-one” visits because the JOCO detention centers require that the inmate make a request to be seen by a volunteer (Catholic) minister. We are at each facility for “group” visits on a weekly basis – but are limited to what section or “pod” of the Center is scheduled for a group session – but while at the Group Session, we will review any “one-on-one” requests for individual visits and we will strive to have a volunteer out to make that visit as soon as possible. The next time you are able to see or communicate with your incarcerated loved one, ask him/her and if they would like to have a visit from a fellow Catholic who can pray with and for him/her – ask your loved one to submit such a request to the facility.

If your loved one desires to go to the sacrament of reconciliation, he should likewise place a request for a visit from one of our Catholic volunteers. At present, the facilities do not accommodate requests for visits from priests, however, following a volunteer visit, we will strive to make arrangements for a sacramental visit from a priest.

Ex-Offender Resources

We refer ex-offenders to the Catholic Charities Turnaround program in Kansas City, Missouri. Turnaround serves any ex-offender who shows up at the door! The program helps with counseling, finding employment, food pantry, transportation, clothes closet, etc. They have mentors and other support programs, all with the goals of decreasing recidivism. St Dismas Prison Ministry supports Turnaround with collection of jeans, underwear and socks, personal care items, food pantry stocking, Christmas gifts for the families and bus passes. We have mentors from our Parish.

Turnaround is always in need of volunteer help and monetary donations are always welcome! It is located at 3100 Main, Suite 10, Kansas City, MO. Phone #: 816-561-1835